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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  February 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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rights, and i want my money. >> why some stripper say they deserve a paycheck. >> next time your kids get in ear infection, instead of antibiotics, your doctor might prescribe wait and see. new guidelines are out today. >> critically important and needed now. hundred rallied in annapolis demanding passage of a bill to guarantee funding for renovation of city schools. >> disturbing allegations tonight against the harford county teacher's aide. he is accused of having a sexual relationship with the 16-year- old student. kai reed joins us with our big story tonight. >> police arrested anthony farris tonight. according to harford county authorities, the sexual relationship with a 16-raul grijalva span about four months. at the time of the alleged
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sexual -- with 816-rolled girl spent about four months. the 16-year-old was a student. it allegedly occurred between september and december of last year. >> very upset, irritated. i don't know what you do. but it is frustrating. >> harford county school officials reject a spokesperson said that farris had been placed on jack -- administrative leave in january of this year and on the day of his arrest, he was no longer an employee of harford county public schools. he was the head track coach and assistant football coach at
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joppatowne high school. and inclusion helper works with special-education students as part of a general education classroom. amanda miller, charged with having sex with a 15-year-old student at north harford high school was also an inclusion helper who was addressed to two weeks ago. the county school sparked person says all potential school employees are observed and i waited and undergo background checks and fingerprinting prior to being hired. >> they should not be in that type of atmosphere. there's no way to test for somebody like that. >> the student has turned 17 since the alleged relationship took place and police and school officials are not saying if she was a student in his class. he is out of jail on $50,000 bail. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> he is only 15 years old but he will spend the next 35 years of his life behind bars for a shooting on the first day of classes at perry hall high school. tonight we are hearing chilling words from the shooter himself. >> he told my son he had 21 bullets and whoever got in his sights was going to be shot. >> sophomore robert gladden jr.'s actions wounded his classmate daniel borowy. he was sent to life in prison with all but 35 years suspended. last week he pleaded guilty to attempted murder. >> we are heard on are in because danny was hurt. nobody deserves that. they are heard on their end. he is a boy that is going to jail. he committed a crime and he is going to pay for that crime.
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>> robert gladden said in court today that he did not intentionally target daniel borowy. he also called what he did senseless. >> students, parents, and teachers converged in annapolis. kerry cavanaugh is live with the very latest. >> this type of long-term funding guarantee is an unprecedented in any maryland school system, but some skeptics are worried that if this goes through, maryland taxpayers will be left on the hook to pay the bills if something were to go wrong somewhere down the line. a cold weather did not deter demonstrators from packing the mall in annapolis. >> how excited i was to be able to go up and tell these people how i actually feel. my energy level is up to 100. >> supporters showed up to push
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for a $2 billion plan aimed at overhauling the baltimore city public schools. >> we've come up with an innovative way to try to build money to build schools in baltimore. this is exactly what people in annapolis have been telling us to do for years and years. >> the proposal calls for $32 million a year in state funding for the next two decades. supporters say it would allow for a billion dollar bond issue to help finance baseless at up to 137 schools. >> the block grant allows for the city to leverage existing state funds so we can afford a wide scale renovations. >> students describe the current facilities as decrepit. >> it is hard to study and a school board is cold or too hot. i just cannot learn and a place where i have all these distractions. >> city leaders showed up to express their confidence in the bill's chances. >> we will not take no for an
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answer, not one more year. >> this is about the education and the buildings they deserve. better buildings now. >> the block grant bill calls for the creation of an independent school construction authority to oversee the program. kerry cavanaugh, wbal-tv 11 news. >> just four days until a series of major budget cuts are set to take effect across the federal government. according to the state board of revenue, the impact on maryland could be devastating, to the tune of 12,000 jobs and $2.50 billion in lost wages. >> we will probably take a bigger hit than others will when you look at the way these arbitrary cuts car into our defense needs and our science needs and our public health needs. >> governor martin o'malley was one of several state executives
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who attended the annual national governors association meeting in washington. according to white house report, sequestration would hit maryland hard. it would include losing $14 million in education funding, 2000 your children receiving vaccines, civilian departments of defense employees furloughed. and others are also at risk. >> agencies will have no choice but to lay people off for use the furlough process. that is going to happen. >> center carton says he is unclear if the deal will be in place by friday deadline but believes the deal will be reached in about a month. >> a controversial maryland law will come under scrutiny of the u.s. supreme court tomorrow and could have major impact nationally for law enforcement officials. in the past, the law required anyone convicted of a serious crime to provide a dna sample.
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in 2009 the law changed to include those who are arrested for certain violent crimes. some advocates of the justices of hold maryland -- de melo. we will have coverage from washington beginning on 11 news at 5:00 tomorrow night. >> of baltimore county worker made a gruesome discovery near local high school. the worker found human skeletal remains in a wooded area woodedoverlea i school this afternoon -- and a wooded area near overlea high school this afternoon. >> the bodies of alicia stricklen and taewon tuck were found inside a car friday morning. authorities initially said they
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may have died from the fire, but now say each was shot before the car was set on fire. there is no word tonight on a suspect or motive. >> pope benedict xvi is allowing the cardinals to elect his successor sooner than march 15. today the hurry the wreckage -- resignation of britain's most senior cardinal is casting a cloud over the final days of benedict. sexual misconduct allegations date back to the 1980's. he is facing allegations that he engaged in improper conduct with other priests. it is the first time a cardinal has recused himself from a conclave because of personal scandal. pope benedict will step down on thursday. the only u.s. surgeon general to become a star in the role has passed away. c. everett coop died today at his home in new hampshire.
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it was a leading spokesperson on public health. he focused america's attention on the aids epidemic and rallied against smoking, saying nicotine is just as addictive as heroin or cocaine. he was 96 years old. >> if you have a kid at home, the chances are pretty good you'll have to deal with an ear infection at some point. starting today, pediatricians may gloat -- may no longer look at avionics as the best medicine. kate amara explains in tonight's medical alert. >> 12-month-old savannah has been feeling lousy. her mom brought savannah to the pediatrician. the doctor said infections are one of the most common reasons kids go to the doctor and the number-one reason kids get antibiotics. >> typically they had a few days
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of a cold virus. the fluid behind the ear that usually trains out cannot train. >> her visit came on the same day the american academy of pediatrics issued new guidelines to diagnose and treat infections. it is an attempt to cut back on antibiotic overuse and resistance. >> revision of the 2004 treatment guidelines, the new matt birk -- new recommendations are for children from six months to 12 years old. it spells out with doctors should prescribe antibiotics immediately. the guidelines explained when it is ok to wait, observe, and recommend pain relievers. >> there are a lot of instances where the kids will get better on their own. >> the good news for savannah, no infection. her mom says it will be treated
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with lots of hugs and cuddling. >> the new guidelines also suggest ways parents can prevent infections like breast feeding, and annual flu vaccine, and avoiding exposure to tobacco smoke. >> smokers will soon lose designated areas where they can light up at m&t bank stadium and orioles' park. a ban goes into effect march 4 and prohibit smoking during games and events held within the camden yards complex. officials with the orioles and ravens that they will announce policies to accommodate smokers who wish to do so. among the acts during in the preakness stakes, international superstar pitbull, also known as mr. worldwide. he creates chart topping hits like his current single, don't
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stop the party. the 138th running of the preakness stakes is on saturday, may 18. >> some strippers are now maneuvering in court. >> they claim the clubs where they dance are violating their rights by not giving them a paycheck. gary sims has the story -- barry simms has the story. >> with their twists and turns, exotic dancers have one job, to entertain. they earn tips from customers, but now some claim they are entitled to paychecks. >> i just learned that i have rights, and i want my money. >> her stage name is jasmine. the strip club is located in prince george's county. >> they did not really explain anything to me. it was pretty much ok, when is your next shift. greg she said she never signed a contract or any agreement.
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she worked 40 hours a week and followed the club's rules, which include paying a $20 house feet before each show and fines of $10 each time she was late for work plus various other fees. >> i learned that coming in, first of all, i am not supposed to be paying you to work, you are supposed to be paying me. >> she says she is now supporting two sons and trying to get back into school to become a registered nurse. she feels her rights as an employee have been violated. in the lawsuit, they claim the club is breaking federal and state laws by classifying them as independent contractors rather than employees. under the law, workers classified as employees are entitled to a minimum wage and other benefits like overtime. employers are required to pay unemployment for them and a
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portion of their social security and medicare taxes. they do not have to do that for independent contractors. >> the employer is paying them nothing. >> greg greenberger is danielle's lawyer. >> say if something happened to me, i would not be able to file for unemployment or go on sick leave, nothing. >> the owners of the club declined to comment on the lawsuit. she says she works 44 hours a week without a paycheck and actually pays the club $80 or more per shift. >> the lot is that you have to pay employees at least the minimum wage and time and half for overtime worked. >> other local clubs are being sued like the gentleman gold
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club on pulaski highway. neither of the club's responded to our request for comments. in november, a federal court judge approved a class action settlement in a similar case against a chain of clubs in six states. just recently, a judge in kansas ruled dancers could collect unemployment benefits. >> i feel like i should be the voice of other dancers. greg she hopes both her lawsuits will gain class action status and the clubs will have to treat dancers as employees and pay them. >> just last year, the attorney successfully sued a washington, d.c. club. it had to pay back wages, overtime, damages, and attorney fees after federal law judge ruled that five dancers were indeed employees. >> some people just don't learn from their mishaps.
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prosecutors say 46-year-old andrew palmer has made a car rear and out of faking seizures to avoid paying for food he ate in restaurants. he has now been sentenced to a year behind bars. he has been convicted dozens of times. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> a blizzard crippling parts of the nation's midsection. snowdrifts, one out conditions throughout the texas panhandle makes roads almost impassable. hurricane force winds have been reported in west texas and more than 2 feet of snow along the path of that storm. rain is pretty much in our forecasts. temperatures today were normal,
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47 for the high is right on target for the 40-year average. 83 degrees was the record high set in 1980. the skies are clear across the area, but look at the storm clouds gathering to the south and west. that will be your rider around dawn tomorrow morning. temperatures will continue to drop. below freezing now at the airport. it's 34 degrees. an indication of slightly warmer air coming our way. mcculloh mostly clear for the nine but as we get closer to don, some high wind is likely to get here with temperatures of 27-34. tomorrow the wind will be coming out of the northeast. there is a storm producing the blizzard in the plains states. moving out of the texas panhandle. warm moist air ahead of it will
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produce severe thunderstorms and tornadoes on the gulf coast. 24 inches of snow possible in the middle of missouri and a wide swath from the midwest into the great lakes and up into new england. back into the ohio valley, which means on this side of the mounds it will be mostly rain. a flood watches issued for central maryland tomorrow afternoon and evening and a winter weather advisory from washington into allegheny county. a winter storm warning in four western maryland where some ice accumulation is possible. clouding up during the morning and it looks like the rain will be here in the afternoon, mixed with snow and sleet and freezing rain in western maryland. the rain could be heavy in central and eastern maryland tomorrow night and that is why that flood watch is up. we did see a little sleet mixed in light when it begins.
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a breezy day tomorrow with a small craft advisory on the day. if you are traveling west into the mountains, it will be slow going. maybe a quarter inch of ice accumulation in some of the colder valleys of western maryland and a rain-no mix on wednesday. we will get all the way up to 55 on wednesday. 60 degrees possible on the lower eastern shore wednesday before it closed down a little bit toward the end of the week. 41 tomorrow with rain likely in the afternoon, slowing down the evening rush hour. the showers taper off wednesday and we will finish up the month of february on thursday with a sprinkle or a flurry. march comes in with partly cloudy skies friday. the first weekend of the month will be chilly with ties only in the low 40's. >> jay leno and jimmy palin give us the rundown on what to expect in late night.
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>> russell crowe was on the program tonight. >> take hudson is here -- kate hudson here. is a great show tonight on late night after jay leno. >> manti te'o ran the 40 yard dash today and you will not believe john harbaugh's reaction. we will show it to you, coming up in sports. >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. tonight's jackpot has an
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estimated annuity of $575,000. 14-20-30-23-38-8. if no one matches all six numbers on one line of a ticket, the jackpot climbs to $600,000. textron is thursday night at 11:22 on wbal tv 11 news. the maryland lottery, let yourse
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>> the orioles still have plenty of depth in their starting rotation and there is still plenty of room for mattis. it is hard being a starter, and today against the yankees it was an impressive first day of spring for brian. he pitched two scoreless innings
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and allowed just two hits. adam jones picking up where he left off last season. he drives one to the gap. brian roberts had a couple of hits. name tags one to the gap. that is going to fall in there. the birds go on to win 5-1, and i start to the spring for them. 2013 has not been so good for manti te'o. there are the constant questions about his make-believe girlfriend and today, if he looks low, he is. he ran it in 4:82. coach john harbaugh looking on, and look at his reaction. not very good. he was 20 at of 26 who ran
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today. the biggest priority continues to be the signing of quarterback joe flacco. reports say the team is making progress but its agents won the new deal, so nothing is done yet. tom brady will be with the patriots a while longer. he agreed to a three-year, $20 million extension. his contract freezes $50 million in salary cap space. after playing a huge role in the ravens super bowl victory, and jacoby jones is ready for another big stage. he will be the latest athlete to compete in "dancing with the stars." a total of 10 current and former nfl players have competed in the show. three have won.
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jacoby is hoping to follow up his super bowl victory with that other title. the maryland football team announcer scheduled for next season. the highlight of the september 21 game against west virginia at m&t bank stadium. the biggest question is who will be the starting quarterback for the terps? brown was the first of four maryland quarterbacks to be lost for the season due to injury. this year ricardo young will make his debut as a junior and battleground for the starting job as they get ready for spring practice starting on saturday. brown does not mind the competition. >> there is going to be competition everywhere. no one is going to hand over the job. you have to earn it. i will do as much as i can to win that job and he will do as much as he can.
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anytime your healthcare, it is going to help. >> it should be fun to watch as long as there are no injuries this spring. >> stay with us for the forecast, after this.
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>> mostly rain, a wet and cool day with a high of only 41. it will warm into the 50's before the cool air slide then for the end of the month. march coming in like a lamb. >> it is shocking to believe that february is almost over. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- russell crowe, eli roth,


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